Moses and grace College’s interdisciplinary approach to health sciences stands apart. its rich tradition will prepare students for careers in a wide range of fields related to health, wellness, and healthcare. The flexible curriculum (e.g., lots of electives for customization) will allow students to satisfy necessary pre-requisites for future graduate study in CHEW, laboratory technicians, occupational therapy, dietetics, and other clinical and non-clinical careers. Regardless of the role students choose in the healthcare system, Moses and Grace health sciences students will graduate prepared to deliver healthcare with empathy and compassion.

Entry requirements differ for each course just as is the case in a conventional university. For a degree program, five credits in West African School Certificate or its approved equivalent with credit passes in at least five subjects is the general requirement. Read the additional requirements for the course you wish to study.

Clinical instruction will take place in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, community-based clinics, and long-term and acute-care facilities. Moses and grace has commitments for clinical placements for health students at leading healthcare providers in Providence and beyond.

That depends on the program but generally it is 2 and 3 years for first degree.

Visit this web site regularly or call our Help Desk for information on a specific session

If you are a new student, you need to go online to the portal to see if you can log in to your student page. If you are successful at logging in, try to familiarize yourself with the student environment of the portal. Otherwise, make a complaint.

You will meet your academic adviser during your orientation sessions. You should therefore endeavour to be present for the orientation program. Your academic adviser is to assist you as well as advice you on the course to register for and the resources available to you.

Every program has a program specific adviser. You are encouraged to regularly contact your adviser any time you have issues with any of your courses. Make the most of this service.